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Judging Others....

Posted by Care_Bear<3 on March 28, 2013 at 7:20 PM

Why must people judge others?

Do they get some kind of satisfaction out of it?

Are they happy they hurt someone?

Are they doing it so it won’t be them who are judged?

It makes no sense people judges others in as many mean ways as possible.

They find one flaw in someone and act as it’s their duty to point it out,

They make that person feel more insecure and confident about their self.

Judging people may seem harmless but it’s a form of bullying.

Bullying should be a more major topic than it is.

Bullying leads to sadness

Sadness leads to depression

That depression leads to the person hating their self

That hatred of one’s self leads to thinking suicidal thoughts

Those suicidal thoughts if unaddressed lead to suicide

Suicide is killing and murder

So there for bullies are murders just wanting to be “popular” and “appreciated”

But does really judging someone and making fun of them to the point to where they want to and do kill

Their selves something to be proud of, appreciated for, or even consider being popular because of?

Bullying and bullies are just things that make people feel worse about themselves and cause them to do things they can’t take back; no matter how hard they try.


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